"Eating Madness" is the third episode of Object Illusion.

Plot Edit

Strawberry first talks to someone unknown, possibly a friend, about her plans when she wins the prize, but then says she has to do something, and kicks Remote into the water.

Conditioner asks Orange if she looks a bit different, and when Orange initially says he does not care, she scolds him, making him then say she looks great.

Elimination Edit

At the elimination there are 110 likes and 56 dislikes as votes. Camera gets the most likes and her prize is a pair of arms. Cup gets the most dislikes and is sent to the island.

Pre-challenge Edit

Watermelon tries talking to Conditioner, but she says she does not talk to people not on her team. When Watermelon points out her hypocrisy of talking to Orange often, she kicks her into the water.

Challenge Edit

Wii U announces the next challenge is to eat 100 slices of cake, and every teammate must participate on a team to be qualified for winning. Also, anyone who throws up is out and cannot do anything anymore on their team.

The Number 1's start planning out who eats how much. Orange on the other team eats a piece, but spits it out because it tastes terrible. When Wii U says the cake has "other" ingredients, Orange is scared and throws up, and is out, but Wii U revealed that he meant the cake had blueberries. When the Number 1's have eaten 25 pieces and the Grade A's have only eaten 1, Gumball tells everyone to eat, and Watermelon does while telling her to chill out.

20 minutes later, the Grade A's have eaten 55 pieces while the other team has eaten 59. Gumball tells the whole team again to eat. 25 minutes later, Strawberry walks up and kicks Watermelon, who lands on the ground and is split in half. Soon after Conditioner eats the last piece, and the Number 1's win.