Lemon is male contestant in Object Illusion. Normally, he is an average character with an average personality, as shown in Prank's a lot!. Since his entry up to the 7th Episode, Race of a Lifetime, he was a crazy character, like Remote, which is just caused by him taking a medicine that got him into an out-of-control personality. He is voiced by Mandea Catalin (100dcx).


Well, that's a scary thought!

Lemon is introduced in this episode, and he is placed on the #1s. His craziness has not yet been revealed in this episode, as he done barely anything later.

While he did not do anything, his team won, thanks to Strawberry's violent strategies on beating the Grade As.

Christmas Chaos

At the beginning of the episode, Oreo and Police Hat see him being random teleporting and flying around. the screen. He is then called "another Remote on the show".. since he acts like Remote during these times.

While he made some cameos on the challenge, he practically did not do anything on the challenge.

Rolling Rampage and Romance

During the elimination, he only got 22 Likes and 29 Dislikes, showing more of his craziness.

Race of a Lifetime

Before the elimination, he makes a cameo on a conversation between Police Hat and The Hair Product Duo.

During the Elimination, he got 37 Likes and 25 Dislikes, as part of the Bottom 3 of the elimination, worrying him about not getting eliminated.

He did not do much at the beginning of the challenge, but he messed up Police Hat's Plane by breaking it's Jet Engines later, because he thought that they would come to the finish line before crashing into the ground, but his Team is still far over Orange's Team, which gets them to winning the challenge.

Pranks a lot!

Part 1

After Lemon started to turn back to his normal personality, he is fearing Gumball trying to date him. Before the Elimination, he is chased by Gumball, so he hid in a bush, but he was still found. Fortunately, he defended enough from Gumball to cause her to explode, just from making the wrong decision.

Later, he asks Fire Axe and Sandwich about their Alliance' status.

When he got into the Hotel, he confronts Gumball again, who wants to build a Basement room with him. His fear of being dated by her makes him run away.

Part 2

Once again, Lemon is confronted by Gumball, because Gumball kept on calling him. As Gumball greeted him, he ignored it and walked away from him.

During the challenge, his setup is a simple brick wall, which soon gets destroyed by a bomb thrown by Pudding Cup, causing him to be pranked. He, along with others except Pudding Cup are up for elimination.