Orange is a male contestant on Object Illusion, and is currently on Team Grade A's


Orange is kind to people. He was trying hard for his team, known as supporting his team. Watermelon is his girlfriend. Orange is a contestant. Quadratini is his very worst enemy.



Orange is first seen flying on his hovercraft, saying that it was a good idea. His machine then suddenly fails, and he screams while falling to the ground. He hits the ground, and IPad approaches him, calling him stupid. Later, he walks up to the twins, saying something inaudible as Conditioner falls in love with him. Orange, shocked, falls to to ground after Conditioner kisses him.

Wii U finds the to-be contestants and explains to them what the competition is about. Orange likes this idea, and then asks what the prize is, only for Wii U to answer indirectly. Orange is later seen with Watermelon, and has an non-speaking part. During the challenge, Orange argues with Ipad, claiming that he couldn't make his hovercraft bigger, so not everyone could fit. Orange chooses Watermelon to ride with him, and is oblivious to her love.

When they arrive at Florida, Orange points out the finish line. He volunteers to cross first, so that he and Watermelon could be on the same team, and is surprised that Ipad finishes next. Orange chooses Watermelon, Sandwich, Cookie, Gumball, and Remote for his team, then glares at Ipad. He names his team the Grade A's.

During the cooking challenge, he tells Conditioner he can't cook with her since they were on different teams. He is seen cooking something over a stove, and finishes the dish seconds later. Orange's team wins.

Why At Night?

Orange is standing idle until Ipad walks up to him, shouting that since they were on different teams, they were worse enemies than before. Orange then gets killed by an arrow thrown by Strawberry. Once Ipad is eliminated, Orange asks Wii U where he would go, and acknowledges the answer with an oh.

Later, Watermelon asks Orange if he wants to go out, and he initially meets the question with surprise. Conditioner interrupts the two, stating Orange was going out with her. Orange puts down the false statement, and whispers to Watermelon that he would think about dating her.

After Cup jumps into a fire, Orange claims that his stunt would be much better. He jumps off the diving board and does a front flip in the air, landing on his feet.

Eating Madness

Conditioner asks Orange if he's noticed anything different about her, to which he declines knowing. He remains indifferent when Conditioner states she got an update, causing her to get angry. Orange attempts to calm Conditioner down, but to no avail. The latter cools down after Orange says she looks great. After the elimination, Orange pep-talks his team, encouraging them to keep winning so that they'll have twice as many members as the Number 1's.

Orange stands idle when Wii U asks the contestants if any of them are a dessert. During the challenge, he eats a slice of cake, only for him to spit it out, saying it tastes terrible. Orange runs off and throws up after Wii U informs him the cake had "other" ingredients, getting him kicked from the challenge.