"Race of a Lifetime" is the 7th episode of Object Illusion.


Quadratini becomes mad at Orange and Watermelon for dating during the competition, which he claims is a huge hindrance to their team. On Elimination Island, iPad and Cup try and escape by riding through the ocean on a palm tree. In the elimination, Shampoo and Conditioner are double eliminated. Afterwards, Pudding Cup is revealed to be the next debut character, and she gets placed on the #1's.

The competition is a race to a finish line some distance away. The Grade A's make a car with a bunch of seats barely attached trailing behind, while Quadratini is still mad and saying that Orange and Watermelon should break up because not only is it distracting but once again, a hinderance to the team. Gumball eats a bunch of fast food which slows down the car. Meanwhile, Police Hat calls in a private jet to fly the #1's to the finish line. In the private jet, they see the finish line, but then Lemon punches the wind turbines on the jet and the jet ends up crashing. Police Hat calls in another jet and the #1's win easily. The Grade A's lose, and are up for elimination.