"Rolling Rampage and Romance" is the 6th episode of Object Illusion.


Oreo walks up to Orange to have a casual talk, and while doing so they eventually move to the topic of Orange and Watermelon. Orange recalls being asked out by Watermelon in episode 2 and answering that he will think about it, and when Oreo asks him for his final decision he says he is still thinking about it, after several months. Oreo then convinces him to now say yes, and Orange walks away to do so, leaving Oreo behind who forgot to ask how to get a girlfriend. Oreo tries to propose to Shampoo and Conditioner, telling them he is desperate. Shampoo quickly leaves, and Oreo tells Conditioner that Orange is going to ask Watermelon out, angering Conditioner, who runs off and again leaves him behind.